Meet Our Founders

Trained in UK

Developmental and behavioural paediatrician

  • Past Member Tamilnadu commission for protection of child rights.

  • She graduated her MBBS in 2005 and Dip. In Child Health (Dch) in 2009.

  • She graduated her MBBS in 2005 and Dip. In Child Health (Dch) in 2009.

  • She later completed her subspeciality in developmental neurology in 2010. She was practicing general paediatrics with developmental paediatrics insights till 2015.

  • Later she gained more skills in her field of passion in developmental and behavioural paediatrics through attending various courses from UK and India.

  • She did clinical observer ship for 4 months and did clinical audit on ADHD at at Walsall Manor hospital, Birmingham.

  • She completed NEONATAL BEHAVIOURAL ASSESSMENT SCALE (NBAS) course, referred to as the Brazelton Scale at Cambridge, UK, which is designed to assess the behavioural characteristics and individuality of babies from 37 weeks up to 8 weeks post term age.

  • She participated in ADHD conference conducted by George Still Forum at London.

  • She equipped her knowledge with autism intervention therapy by attending AUTISM Intervention Training Program at Ummeed child developmental centre, Mumbai for 6 months which in turn helps to guide her therapist in autism intervention.

  • She is a certified administrator of Developmental Assessment Scale for Indian Infants(DASII).

  • She is a certified administrator in Prechtl method of qualitative assessment of General Movements in infants.

  • She is a certified administrator of 3DI – an International Autism Diagnostic tool.

K.CHITRA ,M.A.,M.Ed(Spl.Education.)

  • M.A in Mass Comunication,

  • M.Ed. in General Education,

  • M.Ed in spl.Education.

  • She joined NGO as a program coordinator by 1994 and worked for women empowerment till 2004. She was then blessed with her second son who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy(CP). Hence she took care of her son as a full time mother . She has indepth passion and involvement with differently abled children and their mothers.

    She felt the need to equip her proper qualification, joined integrated B.Ed and M.Ed at the age of 48 in special education from Ramakrishna Mission and Vivekananda Educational and Research University by 2019 (FDMSE).

    She is also a certified sensory integration therapist which helps her to deal with the early intervention for various developmental delays like autism, global developmental delay etc... She can easily connect with all the children.