Medical and developmental assessments

Doctor examines the child and does the medical diagnosis and medical treatment for the child. Advises the specific developmental assessment and therapies needed.

Autism early intervention program

This is the most effective program between the ages 1 to 6 years. Maximum we can give till 9 years after which many behavioral difficulty might set in along with the adolescent hormonal surge.

It is a combination of occupational therapy, speech therapy, communication therapy, behavioral therapy, and sensory integration.

We work on child's specific challenges and building up their strengths by forming Individualized Developmental Goals (IDC). Various strategies like floor time therapy, ABA therapy, TEACCH approach etc will be used.

Care giver skill training program

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for his lifetime

(Training program for parents and other caregivers of children aged 1 to 9 years)

  • A unique parent training-cum-coaching program that helps parent engage and play with their children

  • Helping parents look from the child's perspective and build up attention, participation, communication, and play with their child within their natural environment incorporating in their daily routines and activities.

  • Incorporates elements of internationally recognised 'best practices', A combination of group training classes and individual parent child coaching sessions.

  • Explains how predictability can be developed in a child's life so that anxiety

  • Explains how predictability can be developed in a child's life so that anxiety

Children with developmental challenges are often deprived of the support and care they deserve because of
  • Lack of Awareness.

  • Expectation that they will eventually improve on their own.

  • A denial to accept the problems.

  • Lack of trained professionals.

CST works on areas like communication,
  • Play .

  • Behavior.

  • Independence.

  • The program comprises of 12 sessions
  • Study material will be given.
  • It is the combination of various strategies like floor time, ABA TEACCH, etc

What does CST programme cover?

  • Session 1: Introduction of Autism.

  • Session 2: Getting children engaged .

  • Session 3: Keeping children engaged

  • Session 4: Helping children to share engagement in play and home routines .

  • Session 5: Understanding communication .

  • Session 6: Promoting communication .

  • Session 7: Understanding Sensory System + Sensory Issues.

  • Session 8: Management of Sensory issues.

  • Session 9: Teaching new skills in small steps and levels of help.

  • Session 10: Preventing challenging behaviour – helping children to stay engaged and regulated.

  • Session 10: Preventing challenging behaviour – helping children to stay engaged and regulated.

  • Session 12: Problem-solving and self-care.

Group therapy

  • The developmental domains like motor, speech, social communication, sensory, ADL, play skills in one session.

  • Group of 10 to 12 children with one caregiver participate in the activities together.

  • Generally employed with the children of age 2 to 6 years.

  • The activities are implemented by the caregiver with the supervision of the therapist.

  • Depending on the feasibility, sessions can be conducted daily or on fixed days in a week

  • Each session lasts for 2 hours.

Specific therapies

Occupational therapy

Improves eye hand coordination which is very much needed for fine motor activities that will be done by hands like handwriting and other activities of daily living.

Speech therapy

It improve speech through exercises focusing on the speech muscles. Speech exercises involve repeating sounds , massages and imitating the therapist.

Remedial teaching

Special educators will then help the child build on his strengths and teach him ways to compensate for his weaknesses. After doing an evaluation to pinpoint the child’s problems, the special educators will create an individualized education program (IEP) for the child that outlines what he needs to thrive with higher level of success and self-confidence in school and community.


We commonly work with kids at the critical stages of child development and growth. Helping children with physiotherapy is quite unique and specialised from an anatomical, physiological and psychological perspective. We want your child to stand taller, feel stronger and move better.

Awareness programs

We support the parents ,teachers and other caregivers through training and capacity building programs.